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East Bay Science Cafe

East Bay Science Cafe

Hosted monthly by the UC Berkeley Natural History Museums and Science@Cal

East Bay Science Cafe is held the first Wednesday of every month in Restaurant Valparaiso on Solano Avenue in Albany from 7 to 9pm. 1403 Solano Ave., Albany, California 94706

This cafe is an informal forum for discussing interesting and relevant scientific issues. The goal is to encourage public engagement with science by inviting members of the scientific community to present topics for a casual evening of conversation. Cafes may vary in length and format depending upon the speaker and the topic. Audience questions are encouraged both during and after!

2016 Cafe Calendar

Date Venue Speaker Topic
Jan 6 Cafe Valparaiso No Talk
Feb 3 Cafe Valparaiso Dr. Romain Grangeon Agrobacterium, a natural genetic hijacker
Mar 2 Cafe Valparaiso Phillip Skipwith Unlikely lizards – The evolutionary history and natural history of geckos
Apr 6 Cafe Valparaiso Ivo Duijnstee  Fossil Foraminifera: what are they?
May 4 Cafe Valparaiso Dr. David Presti Mind, Matter, and Consciousness 
Jun 1 Cafe Valparaiso Dr. Julia Sigwart 10,000 Feet under the sea, a voyage to the deep 
July 6
Aug 3 Cafe Valparaiso Dr. Michel Maharbiz  Neural Dust
Sep 7 Cafe Valparaiso Adrian Liu  Watching the universe grow up
Oct 5 Cafe Valparaiso Nicole Duncan  Looking at the Sun
Nov 2 Cafe Valparaiso Pete Oboyski & Lisa White Collection! 
Dec 7 Cafe Valparaiso Dr. Daniela Kaufer  This is your brain on stress

2015 Cafe Calendar

Date Venue Speaker Topic
Jan 7 Cafe Valparaiso No Talk
Feb 4 Cafe Valparaiso  Dr. Nipam Patel Structural Color in Butterflies
Mar 4 Cafe Valparaiso Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes From Silent Spring to Silent Night: a Tale of Toads and Men
Apr 1 Cafe Valparaiso Dr. Peggy Hellweg Our Tectonic Timebomb: The Hayward Fault & Advances in Earthquake Monitoring
May 6 Cafe Valparaiso  Dr. Emily Lindsey  Tar Pits in the Tropics
Jun 3 Cafe Valparaiso Dr. Lisa White and Katie Bertsche Communicating science through museum outreach, art, and engagement: Science@Cal and the UC Museum of Paleontology
July 1  No Talk
Aug 5 Cafe Valparaiso  Jenna Judge From the forest to the deep blue sea, wood shapes animal communities
Sep 2 Cafe Valparaiso Dr. Alicia  Taylor  What can microbial communities tell us?
Oct 7 Cafe Valparaiso  Lindsey Doherty Disco (clam) isn’t dead: how silica nanospheres create flashing glam clams
Nov 4 Cafe Valparaiso Dr. Anthony Ambrose, Dr. Jill Marshall, Dr. Jim Bishop  Change!
Dec 2 Cafe Valparaiso  Synberc  Building the Future with Biology


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