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April 1 Cafe – Our Tectonic Timebomb: The Hayward Fault & Advances in Earthquake Monitoring

Dr. Peggy Hellweg presents “Our Tectonic Timebomb: The Hayward Fault and Advances in Earthquake Monitoring”


Wednesday, April 1 2015



Cafe Valparaiso

1403 Solano Ave. 

Albany, California 94706


An inSAR image of the east side of UC Berkeley and the Hayward Fault (red).
image: USGS

We all know that the Bay Area is part of California’s earthquake country. Dr. Hellweg will talk about our local earthquake faults and introduce you to earthquake-related projects currently in progress at the Berkeley Seismo Lab, including the development and implementation of Earthquake Early Warning and the study of tiny seismic tremors. Please bring your questions about earthquakes and earthquake research!


Dr. Peggy Hellweg is Operations Manager of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory at UC Berkeley, which has been monitoring and studying earthquakes since 1887. Dr. Hellweg holds a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Goettingen and a doctorate from the University of Stuttgart (both in Germany). She has an extensive background in both tectonic and volcanic seismological studies, with experience dating back to 1977.



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